Choosing Good Snacks

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Choosing Good Snacks

Many of us who like to eat snacks while certain times. It turned out that snacking habit is not entirely bad.

Snacking can be a good habit as long as we choose our snack smartly.

Snacks are many in the market on average contain lots of fat, sugar and / or sodium. This type of snack food category with a high carbohydrate. And the snacks should be avoided by people with type 1 and 2 diabetes, hypertension, hyperlipidemia (excess fat), kidney problems, cancer and obesity.

Snack bar of soy flour and dry fruits considered low carbohydrate (protein content and high fiber, sugar and low starch digestibility). Chocolate is belonged to low-medium belonged; biscuit quite moderate. But the chocolate wafers, potato chips, and croissants, including high carbohydrate group.

When eating foods with low carbohydrate, the process of carbohydrate into glucose changes slowly and gradually, so that the peaks / fluctuations in blood sugar levels will be low. This is good for diabetes, who need to maintain a stable blood sugar levels. In addition, because digested slowly will delay hunger or full longer, hence the low carbohydrate foods were good for people who are overweight.

It doesn’t mean that high carbohydrate foods were not good. As long as used appropriately, it will be useful. High carbohydrate foods were either used to recharge the body after excessive physical activity. For the sportsman, increased blood sugar levels are required for immediate fast can be processed into energy. So also with children who are still in a period of growth and development.

For those who are dieting, snacks can hold your hunger until the real meal. While this may seem more sensible, to stay away from fat deposits. However, snacks can be a good choice to fill the stomach when hungry perch. But, you need to carefully choose the right kind of snack.

Various types of food can you eat when dieting is nuts, seeds, yogurt, cheese, fruits, and vegetables. If you want to consume dairy products, choose low-fat (low fat).

Examples of other ideal snack you can enjoy include carrots, raw vegetables, stalks celery, one cup of chocolate pudding (fat free), crackers, granola, cottage cheese, popcorn, vegetable juice, grapes, cantaloupe, blueberries, yogurt, and soy beans.

For complex snack, you can try this fun recipe. First of all, sprinkle ricotta cheese on top of a cake made of rice, add fruit or strawberries on top of other pieces of fruit. This menu you can enjoy when hungry.


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