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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Teenage Diet = Obesity Risk

Young women today have much to go on a diet to lose weight. But it was a diet that they do this early on will bring the risk of obesity when they grow up. The harder they go on a diet, the greater the risk of obesity that will be experienced.

The cause is the possibility of metabolic disorders due to a diet that done early. With a diet, moreover heavy diet that reduces big calorie intake, will make your metabolism more efficient. The energy that comes out will be reduced. Finally, the more difficult to lose weight. That's the negative side with a strict diet, to lose weight quickly. Ideally, weight loss should not exceed 2 pounds per week.

This research has shown, young women who go on a diet before they were 14 years old, two-thirds of them have a chance to double that to go on a diet of more than 20 times compared with those who go on a diet at older ages. And eight out of ten young women who go on a diet before the age of 14 years, unable to maintain permanent weight reduction.
Overweight to obesity is not good for health and risk to suffer from many diseases. But with a strict diet to lose weight quickly in a short time, moreover not supported with appropriate nutrients, it will be bad too.


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