Traps in Weight

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Traps that Increase Weight

Each woman must be afraid of being fat. Various ways done in order to lose weight for an ideal. The most feared is the obesity that occurs precisely because of pregnancy.

Once a mother, without realizing the daily habits began to change. Snacking while watching cartoons with your child or accompany him play while sitting around a big hand with increasing numbers on the scale.

If you burn less than 100 calories per day compared to before having children, will increase in weight of 5 kg within a year. The good news, the mother is not necessarily a package with body fat, if you know how to avoid common pitfalls like this.

Food portions are not adjusted
When pregnant, you need extra food intake about 300 calories per day. The number increased to 500 calories a day when you are breastfeeding. So usually you allow yourself to eat more than usual. So do not get pregnant and lactating women, the body's metabolism slows down to like before pregnancy. Then, adjust your body with the changes. However, by reducing approximately 2 tablespoons of the portion normally. Habits during pregnancy that requires maintaining a healthy lifestyle is as diligent exercise, stay away from cigarettes, and get enough rest.

Most sit
Every day you provide the time a few hours to watch your child play. But just sit quietly alone will not reduce / burn calories. As she accompanied the little one was relaxing, you can turn on the video gymnastics or weight training with dumbbells. Or the other way, set an up-beat music, and dance with your baby until satisfied. In addition to fun for the kids, to you and teach them to always be active.

Accustomed to snacking with your child
You go snacking when accompanying your child to dinner, but after he comes home from work, you go back with him a real dinner. Do not be surprised if the layer of fat on the body getting thicker.
In fact, snacking is not illicit activities, as long as you do it in small portions. Or the other way, replace the snacks you and your child with fruits.

Feeling guilty for the gym
Almost all parents feel guilty about leaving his son a few hours to exercise or just take a walk just refreshes the mind. After becoming a mom, you are more difficult to find time to enjoy sports. However, being a good parent is also very dependent on your happiness and if you feel good about themselves.

Try to think creatively to find a gap of time so that you can still exercise. For example choosing a gym close to home or work so my husband was home. Just spend 10 minutes to practice as well is good enough. What is important, schedule of activities is exercising regularly. If you continue to wait until a time, in the end you will never succeed exercise. A mama almost no time to spare if not he himself who created it.

Cooking foods high in fat
Most children are reluctant to touch the food like vegetables, so most of you outsmart with a customized cooking dinner with the wishes of the minor, such as chicken nuggets, fries, meatballs, and other foods that are fatty.

You can outsmart a healthier manner. I.e. restrict the types of preserved foods and fried. Vegetables you can also cut into small pieces so that your child will eat it.

You are cool with weight
For Mom, there are many other things more important to note now rather than affairs of weight. More and more you spends time and energy to take care of the kids, the more you do not notice how your body shape now. It's better when you're not obsessed with the ideal body shape, but, on the other hand, keep your weight is not solely done for the sake of aesthetics. What is more important to do is to be healthy.

The solution, you can still undergo a healthy diet (no need to become obsessed) by considering the benefits that will you get if successfully maintain ideal weight.


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