How To Cope Stress

Monday, April 18, 2011

12 Tips To Cope Stress
Have you ever felt your work was starting to feel pain in the ass because the amount of pressure you get at work?

Maybe you start to feel your clients increasingly fussy and fussy, your boss starts acting very annoying to constantly dissatisfied with the job or even criticize your work. Strangely, this only happened recently. Maybe this is a sign you begin to experience what is called burnout or what we call the saturation (which is usually caused by stress).

Do not joke, one-one not just a job but also your health is impaired.

Here are some of the main things that causes stress in the workplace:

  1. The working conditions are always under pressure
  2. Unclear assignment
  3. The lack of job plan
  4. The existence of threat among employees
  5. Shouts and curses consumers
  6. Coworkers who always disturb
  7. Discomfort as a disturbing noise, lack of ventilation, and other reasons

It can not be avoided. But remember that the body's health is paramount, because the mind is tense can damage your health. Rather than keep you feeling depressed by it, you can perform the following tips in order to reduce the burden on the mind:

Stop complaining If we continue to just complain about our jobs, our minds will be more depressed and jobs will not be completed nor is it? Try to find some positive value that can be taken, just think of it as a learning tool for you. Or think of something interesting that you would receive a salary.

Determine priorities Indeed we can not do all the work at once, then decide where formerly a more important and must be completed. Plan your activities well: what, why, how, when and who is responsible for the tasks. It is important to create not only a long-term planning, but also short term.

Short break
How busy you are, when at rest, use the best time to relax. Do this several times a break for a few minutes during the workday. When possible, use breaks to sleep at least 15 minutes. This can make your body and mind refreshed.

Eat nutritious foods
Do not forget to keep attention to your diet to keep adequate nutrition. Adequate nutrition can make the body more healthy and vibrant.

Go home on time
If the work can be done tomorrow and you are not asked to overtime, went back in time. This will help you get more time to rest and relax with family.

Enjoying life outside work
Do not admix your work with personal life. When you have free time / holidays, enjoy the best way possible.

Create a good working environment
Have the attitude of tolerance to fellow coworkers. Be open and communicate with fellow co-workers, and also maintain your team spirit by organizing small festivals, sports, or recreational activities together. Build a pleasant working climate.

Talk with co-workers
Life in the metropolis make a person tends to individualist. Often hang-out or lunch with colleagues. Who knows with chatting with colleagues, you can find a solution to the problem.

The faster you work, the easier you are attacked by stress. To overcome this problem, always carry paper and pencil to record the events that make you stressed at work all day. Then after arriving home, you just sit and reflect on the things what has happened on this day for 5 to 15 minutes.

Delegate some tasks
Delegate some of your responsibilities to your subordinates.

Leaves and refreshing
If you have felt very tired, try to ask for leave on your boss. Use your time off to visit places that you like with your family or your friends.

Relief professionals
If you can not find effective ways to solve your problem, you should consult a counselor / psychologist who has the ability to cope with things like this.


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