Let's Push Up

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Let's Push-Up!
Push-up is a symbol of health, which is also used as a barometer of fitness the most simple, easy, and the fastest. Push-up test the whole body, set the muscles in the arm, chest, abdomen, hips, and legs.

Push-up requires the body tense as a board with your toes and palms on the floor. Movements such as lifting and weight loss requires strength and endurance are primed to do push-ups movement many times.

Many people can not do push-ups. Many health and fitness experts focus on upper body fitness, such as aerobics which emphasizes cardiovascular fitness (heart and blood vessels).

Push-ups are also important for parents. The ability to do push-ups more than once with a perfect attitude is an indicator of the capacity to counteract the effects of aging. Researchers who study the aging biomechanism noted that push-ups can provide muscle strength and ability to hold when the body fell. When someone falling forward, he will defend himself so will result in a movement similar to push-ups. Hands touch the floor, wrists and arms absorb the impact of falls, the position of the elbow bent a little to reduce the force because of a fall.


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