Tomato Seeds Prevent Heart Disease

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Tomato Seeds Prevent Heart Disease
Do you like to drink tomato juice but often discard the seeds? Perhaps after reading this article that habit must be changed.

Based on research conducted by the Rowett Research Institute in Scotland, found that liquid or slippery yellow jelly around tomato seeds found containing compound or mixture of ingredients that works to combat strokes and heart disease.

When you drink tomato juice without removing the seeds, then you have to reduce the risk of blood clots around 72%, up to you to avoid heart disease.

Tomatoes contain:
  •    Vitamin C
      Contain antioxidants that help to help get rid of free radicals in the body.
  •    Tomatine
      Efficacious anti-inflammatory, carotene and citric acid. If the tomato rubbed on the face, citric acid content may help lift dirt and grease, so it can be used as a natural acne medication with just rub it gently on the face.
  •    Carbohydrate
      When consumed regularly can be an additional source of energy for the body necessary for the performance of various body functions, such as the brain and stimulate the muscles of the body. Carbohydrates from fruit more easily digested and better than the carbohydrates of rice / noodles / bread.
  •    Fat
      It is important for the dieter who are reducing food intake. Fat also contains essential fatty acids that are beneficial for the skin and other body parts. In addition it also serves to dissolve the vitamins A, D, E, K is good for the eyes & blood circulation.
  •    Protein
      Protein in the body become a source of amino acids the body uses to build and replace the damaged cells.

Tomatoes are a mainstay for detoxifying the body through juice therapy. In fact, according to research at Ohio State Univ, tomatoes may help prostate cancer treatment, thanks to antioxidants (lycopene) they contain.

Tomato Seeds Prevent Heart Disease


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