Dengue Fever

Monday, March 28, 2011

When the rainy season began to come, more and more encountered flooding and inundation. It is your responsibility to keep clean wherever you are. Do not let the damp spaces, hanging clothes and piles of junk because mosquitoes will target places like that.

Beware of yourself if you've started having symptoms like this:
  1. Symptoms of dengue fever will be preceded by a feeling of chills, headache, pain when moving the eyeballs, and back pain.
  2. Pain in the limbs and joints will occur a few hours from the symptoms of dengue fever began to feel ill.
  3. A rash of dengue fever have a characteristic bright red, and usually appear first on the bottom of the body - in some patients, it spreads to cover almost the entire body.
  4. Inflammation of the stomach can also appear with a combination of abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting or diarrhea, mild colds, accompanied by coughing.
  5. Body temperature will increase rapidly to reach 40 degrees Celsius with a normal pulse and blood pressure tends to fall.
  6. Eyeball will appear reddish. Redness also appeared on the face that will quickly disappear.
  7. Glands in the neck and throat sometimes go bigger.

These symptoms lasted for 2 days, then the temperature will drop quickly and sweat production increases, do not immediately feel better, because the next day the body temperature will rise again quickly.

We recommend that if you see symptoms of dengue fever do not do any strenuous activity. This alert condition needs to be addressed with a vast knowledge by patients and families who must immediately consult a physician if the patient / patient has a high fever 3 days in a row. Many patients or families of patients experienced fatal conditions (eg death) because they think it’s not hard.


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