Use Make-Up to Change Your Nose

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Of all the parts in the face, usually the nose that causes the most problems.

Very few women are happy with the shape and size of their nose. With so much going for this reason that plastic surgery on the nose.

Some wnaita felt his nose is too big, too big or too small.

Fortunately, the make up can help the appearance of the nose for a variety of shapes and sizes.

For a long nose, use a lighter foundation on the bottom and a darker foundation on the nostrils, on both the front and bottom.

You can also use a lip brush to extend the tip of the mouth to balance parts of the face well.

To make slim wide nose, give a small dark dots on the top of the nose and the bridge of his nose.

 To the nose the size is not balanced, use a darker foundation for a prominent part in order to appear more nebulous.


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