4 Types of Foods That Can Shrink Waist

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Experts found that there are some foods that need extra energy to be digested. That means burning calories does not occur until after the food in the stomach, but has been since we chew. In studies conducted in Japan, experts found that women who ate the food of this kind have a smaller waist size than those who eat food that's easy to chew.

The secret lies in the types of foods that are high in fiber and protein. In addition, there are several types of herbs and other substances that could actually help boost metabolism and the nervous system of up to 12 percent.

In his book, The Active Calorie Diet, Leslie Bonci, RD, a nutritionist from the UPMC Center for Sports Medicine, Pittsburgh, divide the food into several groups, namely:

Chewy foods (lean meats, nuts, fruits, and vegetables)
These foods will make the agency work right away once we get chewing. So that maximum effort can munch, select foods in the form intact. For example, tuna fish, roast meat, meat instead of canned tuna.

Hearty foods (fruits, vegetables, brown rice, wheat, and cereals)In addition to making us chew more often, these foods are also rich in fiber. So, once we get into the stomach will feel full longer.

Energizing foods (coffee, black or green tea, dark chocolate)
These foods can increase metabolism. Only, we should not mix it with milk, cream, or sugar. Green tea does not contain much caffeine, but in it there is catechins. This type of antioxidants can increase the metabolism to 4 percent. Meanwhile, dark chocolate contains catechins and caffeine. We only need about 28 grams a day. That was enough.

Warming foods (peppers, chili, cinnamon, garlic, ginger, vinegar, mustard, cloves)
The content of capsaicin in chili peppers can make the body burn energy more than twice as fast around a few hours after eating. According to a new study from UCLA. In fact, not too spicy chili that can help erode the 100 calories a day. If you do not like spicy, try adding cinnamon, cloves, bay leaves, and garlic to the daily menu.


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