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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Actually, what color of our teeth is? this question 100% of us can answer with a compact. But the answer is in your mind is not 100% correct also because the actual color of our teeth are not white. So what color are they?

Normal color of adult teeth are yellow-gray, grayish white or yellowish white color, while the normal deciduous teeth is bluish white or milky white. So it is not just white. White color we see is the contrast color of the teeth of our skin, so if you really want to see a comparison of the color of our teeth with white color can be done when we brush the teeth.

When I was a kid I was surprised to see the color of yellowed teeth when I brush my teeth but after I finished brushing my teeth turned out to see the color of my teeth are not as yellow as when I brush my teeth. From there I start looking for reading material about the color of teeth, and I knew that my teeth are not 100% white. So do not be surprised about color of your teeth.

Several factors that can make teeth color change from its normal color.

  1. Frequent drinking coffee / drinks with high levels of concentrated color.
  2. Smoking, so smoking is considered the main culprit of tooth discoloration.
  3. Some other food, However all of that can be prevented with regular brushing our teeth.

Some ways that can be done to restore the color of your teeth if it has changed from its normal color:

Teeth whitening gel
Bleaching with a whitening gel that can be done at home. What we have to consider before doing tooth whitening is to check with your doctor to see the situation. If you have cavities, then the teeth will be patched in advance to avoid irritation. Gel that comes into the teeth and gums will cause intense shooting pain severe enough.

Laser Bleaching
Bleaching is usually done by a fairly severe case. Unlike gel, tooth whitening how this should be done in the clinic with the help of a dentist. This caused a higher content of teeth whitening - to 35 millimeter, while the composition of the whitening gel is only 10 -15 millimeter, so that if not done carefully, it will lead to a sense of pain is quite severe. Because it can cause irritation of the gums, then the doctor usually will provide security in advance of the gums.
After that, the whitening process, gums will be illuminated with light that is high enough, then rinsed and exposed again. The changes will be visible only in 0.5 - 1 hour. For good results, the patient should make regular dental care as well, such as regular brushing and more selective in consuming foods or beverages.

Bleaching with bleach tape
This is the fastest teeth whitening, only takes about 30 minutes. However, the results are not durable. If whitening can last another 3 years, with tape only lasted a few days. In the whitening process, masking tape affixed to the tooth whitener for half an hour. And once released, the teeth will appear to be whiter. This is also a great way disposable.
If on other occasions has changed the color of your teeth, mounting tape can be reused.
Typically, a tape package bleach has a two-year period expired.


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