Overcome Bed Wetting in Children

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Overcome Bed wetting in Children

Children are the heart of parents (father and mother), so parents will surely love to their children, but sometimes there is a habit or behavior of children who often make their parents upset, one of which is the habit of bedwetting (enuresis). There is a need to be reviewed here, the actual bed-wetting in children under five is something that is fair, while many parents who think it's unnatural, so that the child will be punished either in the form of prohibitions or ridicule the make bedwetting habit of children are even worsen, the parents should not need to worry, a new children need special attention if he continues to wet the bed after passing the age of 5 years.

Some Causes of Bed wetting:

Physical Fatigue
If the child had excessive activity before sleeping, then at night he would have deep sleep, so if feels to go pee he will be difficult to wake.

Environmental Factors
For example if they are in air-conditioned rooms or in cold weather.

Many examples here one of them is have a new sister/brother, new home, etc.

How do I fix this?

Must be ensured first that no particular disease or disorder is the cause, because if any of these factors must be consulted in depth with your doctor to address the cause.

Tips below that should be done to overcome bed wetting habits:

Be reasonable
Do not show a sense of annoyance, anger or even panic.

Discuss well with your child
There are many cases where children stop bed-wetting after the talk from the heart to heart between parents and children. If he was jealous of the attention with his new sister/brother, parents should find solutions together and give adequate attention to him.

Try to wake the child up before he wet the bed
For example, If he wet the bed 3 hours after sleeping, then wake him up 2 hours after sleeping, then take him to the bathroom and told to urinate.

Avoid giving a lot to drink before bed
Moreover, the beverage that facilitates urination, such as cold drinks, or sweet tea.

Give the child support
This is the most important among other actions, so children should be given support. Don’t punish him, because of this fact make children become depressed and anxious, so that would make the child become quiet, insecure, shy that will add to the problem again. So do not ever embarrass a child or to compare with another children.

Hold urine exercise
This exercise is useful to help the bladder hold more urine, well aware of the child will be a signal from her bladder.

What should also be noted by parents were bed-wetting can heal itself, so just have patience and diligence of the parents, usually between the ages of 7-12 years who frequent healing, and little children who continue to experience it through adolescence.


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