Facial Care Tips

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Facial Care Tips

Dizzy with a complicated skin care?

Do not worry here are some tips to treat by simple face coincides with the busy woman ...
there are several stages to perform facial treatments:
  1. Clean your face with facial cleanser or facial foam to suit your skin type
  2. Use facial moisturizer and certainly fits with your skin
  3. After that use a light powder, do not too thick because will make us uncomfortable
  4. Give final touches that make up that attracted us more attractive appearance as well
  5. Facial treatment before the make-up,
  6. Do not forget after we move to do maintenance / cleaning the face with how clean the face with toner / cleaner face that makes us fresh faces
  7. After that use a moisturizer at night to get the nutrients our skin when we sleep
  8. You can make a facial treatment with a mask


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