Dry Skin Care Tips

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Dry Skin Care Tips

Dry skin has a low oil content and tend to be sensitive. The interface looks dull, feels stiff as interested after washing her face. Skin condition look worse when exposed to wind, drastic changes of weather like a cold to hot or vice versa. Some of the tips below to treat dry skin:

  1. Highly recommended to avoid soap with high levels of alkali.
  2. Clean face with cleansing milk, massage gently when cleaning and when applying moisturizer.
  3. Choose a cleanser with a pH balanced and non detergent. Avoid using soap when washing your face, because it can raise the natural oils which serve to protect the skin moist.
  4. Use a mask for dry skin once a week to keep skin moist, but not until about eyes areas where fine lines of the fastest lines appear.
  5. Use baby oil after a shower for body treatments.


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