Beautiful Eyelash

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Tips Make Beautiful Eyelash

Beautiful eyelashes can make our eyes become more beautiful. Make beautiful eyelashes are not just clamp the eyelash with a curler tool and mascara. Here are tips to make beautiful eyelashes :
  1. Clean the rest of the mascara on the brush using clean dry towel.
  2. Hold the brush in an upright position on the position of mascara. Then start applying the mascara from the eyelashes to grow until the end, roll the brush slowly.
  3. Hold the brush and the tip of the eyelashes by using your fingers for a few seconds it will create a curved tip eyelashes.
  4. Immediately give the second layer of mascara, prior to the first layer to dry and lumpy.
  5. Comb your eyelashes with a special comb tool before the mascara dries, this is to separate the lashes together.


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