Time Management

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Time Management

The time it always feels cramped, can also cause stress. Therefore, time management becomes crucial. Some things you can do to manage time well:

  • Determine the end result and make your priorities
  • Create a list and prioritize works and tasks. Do the most important first
  • Create a plan before you do the work. One work is done during the one hour that had been planned to be more effective than you do the job for 3-4 hours that you do not plan in advance.
  • Do your duty in accordance with the time where you feel productive. For example, a person would be better to do the work in the morning than the afternoon. Limit the disturbance as well as the guests and the sound of the phone during your productive time.
  • Learn to delegate some of your tasks
  • Create a schedule time to relax and unwind.

Positive Thinking
Convince yourself to keep thinking positive. Always take a lesson from every incident is one way. Because of what someone thought would relate directly to the feeling or mood and in turn also affects the performance and productivity.

For example, there are two employees arrived at work and found the boss seems to look at them with anger. One man was quickly found guilty and said to himself, "I must have done one mistake yesterday!" The thought made him anxious and unable to concentrate fully on his work. Meanwhile, another man would say to himself, "I thinks the boss was having a bad mood this morning. Maybe there is something that is bothering him. Hopefully if I worked well today, I will be able to make him happy". Although located in the same situation, the two men have different perceptions, hence their response to a case is also different.
Be the person who always think positive, avoid the following:
  • Ensuring the future: "I am confident that this project will fail"
  • Reading thoughts: "it seems my husband does not like the food I cook, just he hesitate to be candid"
  • Estimates are too high for the bad things: "I am sure, I will be a hotbed for this mistake"
  • Catastrophic: "I never could see anyone's face after this"
  • Excessive in general: "everyone will look down on me"
  • Saying a must: "I must be competent in doing all things"
  • Always be 'the perfect': "I have to do the job perfectly or I probably would never try"

About Seeking Support
Talk about an issue, express feelings at the time feeling disappointed. or just talk about a hot topic, can help calm the heart. Therefore, you can lower your stress level by talking to a good listener who will help you to think realistically or take the positive side of an event. Start looking for someone who can be a good listener. Family members, close friends, or anyone who makes you comfortable to share and can be trusted.
When do You Need to Find Help?
What if you have tried to apply various techniques of stress management but it was fruitless?. You still feel the stress experienced by the more difficult to control, to disrupt daily life and obvious from your face because even smile seems very difficult? It seems it would be wise if you are looking for a counselor (advisor) is a professional. In these conditions, treatment may be necessary to reduce your stress level high. Several treatment approaches using a mild sedative levels and anti-depressant medication. Your doctor will discuss with you about further treatment if necessary.


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