Eye Health Care Tips

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Eye Health Care Tips

The eyes are the most amazing organ. The eyes are the windows of the world. With our eyes can see the green leaves, blue sky, colorful flowers, white snow and all the beauty of the world. After many years of living in the beauty of it, what happens when everything suddenly became dark?

Blindness or loss of vision is a major health problem in several countries both developing and developed countries. In America, nearly 3.3 million people aged over 40 years of blindness due to various reasons.
The main causes of blindness are due to diseases of aging such as cataracts (cloudiness in the lens of the eye), glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy and macular degeneration. In addition, pregnant women are also vulnerable to blindness due to instability in hormone levels, high blood pressure and diabetes.

In a world of plural health we hear the term 'better to prevent than cure'. Similarly, eye health problems. It would be better if we are aware early on risk factors that endanger the health of the eye so that we avoid as much as possible.

These risk factors can be derived from the work we do daily as well as bad habits that we often do at home. The following risk factors that endanger the health of the eye in which we work:
  • Raw materials and corrosive irritant.
  • flashes of light is too bright.
  • Ultraviolet radiation from the work related to electricity.
  • Tree twigs.
  • Dust and dirt.
  • Particles of small particles of metal-cutting activities, chainsaw, excavation and other activities.
  • Flakes fiber of fiberglass.

If because of your work can not avoid these risk factors, you must use appropriate eye protective equipment standards. Some things to consider when choosing the glass eye protection are:
  • Not easily scratched and has a good quality.
  • Following the international safety standards for protective eyewear.
  • Have good ventilation.
  • It is clear.
  • Do not disturb vision.
  • It can protect the eyes from harmful radiation.
  • Not disturb the comfort of work.
  • Lightweight and according to the size of your eye.

In addition to mechanical protector, do not forget to protect the eyes from the body by eating foods that contain vitamins, anti oxidants and minerals is sufficient. Avoid foods bad foods that are not good for general health.

To prevent transmission of infectious eye disease, you can perform the following steps:
  • Make it a habit to wash hands before or after doing certain activities.
  • Avoid sharing eye makeup or exchange eyedrops.
  • Do not touch the tip of eye drops with your hands.
  • Do not wet your contact lens with his mouth or saliva.
By doing the above then you will still be able to enjoy the beauty of the world entered the age of 40 years.


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