Sport and Exercise

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Sports and Exercise

Regular exercise is the key to get healthy muscles, bones, and body systems. Sports in the form of physical exercise plays an important role in delaying aging and stress relievers. People who exercise would make a better mood and more energy than those who does not.
Exercise also keeps the brain functioning by increasing circulation and right-left brain coordination.

How often do you exercise?

Physical exercise should be performed five times a week, within 30 minutes of each exercise. To prevent weight gain, you may need to increase exercise time to 60 minutes. Each session can be combined with strength training (lifting weights). If you find it difficult to spend the time available, you just need 10 minutes just to exercise.

Spend time together

Plan your leisure time to exercise together. As Sunday morning to swim or play tennis with the kids. Even
your network of business associates. In addition to maintained health, employment continuity is maintained.


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