Reduced Weight Factors

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Reduced Weight Factors

The causes of excessive weight or obesity may have known as we often hear. However, any factor that causes weight gain or less under normal?

Generally, the weight was below normal due to the lack of food intake.
Reduced appetite is usually caused by many things such as in a state of being sick, stress or depression, take certain medicines, vitamin and mineral deficiencies, and daily activities that are too dense.

A study mentioned that the common causes of underweight women is their desire in the diet to get slender body ideal.

Genetic factors are also known to play a role in this, its the same thing as obesity. Genetic condition that was revealed at someone can cause high levels of metabolism and body fat cells that are less so often we see someone with a big appetite, but still have a skinny body.

The age factor also affects the underweight because of the increasing age of the reduction will cause the body's ability to absorb nutrients or nutrients from the daily diet. In addition, the influence of other factors are chronic diseases such as tuberculosis (TB), cancer, AIDS, and healing or recovery process that weakens the body's resistance and require more nutrition supplies so that when food intake is reduced a little, then the nutritional value in body will also be more quickly reduced.

The last factor is the lifestyle of someone in eating certain types of substances such as nicotine, caffeine, and various flavorings. These substances are known to reduce normal appetite so that if the situation continues, then the body will quickly become thin.


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