First Menstruation

Saturday, April 2, 2011

First Menstruation

Confused, restless, uncomfortable feeling when a girl found herself having menses for the first time.

He indeed had never heard of this problem before menses. It's just that the new knowledge he got from his friends. His own parents never talk about it.


First menstruation or menarche is a natural thing for sure experienced by every normal woman and not have to worry. When that does not happen, then we need restless.

Menstruation is a sign that the cycle of fertility has begun. Menstruation occurs when the inner lining of the uterus wall and come out whole in the form known as menstrual blood.

Under normal circumstances, every month a woman who had entered child-bearing age will release an egg (ovum). Ovum will be produced and released by the ovaries (ovaries). Ovum is released it will run into the uterus through the fallopian tubes.

If at that time there are sperm cells that come in and meet, fertilization can occur which continues into pregnancy. To prepare for possible pregnancy, the uterine lining will thicken. Thickening caused by hormonal factors is useful for the uterus is ready to receive the embryo that will be embedded in there.

If pregnancy does not occur, hormone levels (which makes the uterus to thicken) will go down. As a result the inner wall of the uterus will be whole, and menstruation occurs.

Age at menarche

There is a 12-year-old when she got first menarche, but there is also an 8-year cycle has started. What if the age of 16 just got your period? That, too, could happen.

Age when a girl started getting periods vary greatly. There is a tendency that at this time the child gets the first menses at a younger age.

Irregular menses?

Menses happened in the early moments do tend to be irregular. First come, next month could disappear. This is normal. Along with age, menstruation will come regularly every month.

The term of each month was actually a bit ambiguous. Every month here does not mean that now the 1st, so next month must also be on 1st. There are people who are always forward 2 days. For example, last month the 28th, the 26th of this month. Others even backwards. This depends of the cycle.

My body really changed?

There is no shame or anxiety. This remark shows that you're growing up. Various changes to prepare yourself to live in an adult environment. You've not kids anymore.

Many of the changes that are being and will happen to your body. For example, most women will gain weight. That's fair. Your body is now storing fat to prepare a variety of new changes. Do not be afraid of getting fat. Added weight was indeed you need as a normal part of the change into an adult woman.

So do not for fear of increasing your weight then you are on a strict diet. Instead of profitable, your strict diet can damage health.

The menstrual cycle

So, now you already know that the first period that came just a small part of a major event called the menstrual cycle.

When you have been having menstrual periods, it means that your body already has a hormone necessary for reproduction.


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