Acne Spreading

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Acne Spreading
However, today, not only facial skin that can become infected with acne. Dorsal skin can be affected by acne.
Back area is the part that many oil producing, just like the face. And the more oil if you frequently rub the part, because of the hard massage will stimulate the oil glands. Because that's so greasy back is the best place for acne appears, especially the back is a difficult area to reach the bath, then back sometimes can not be in the clear optimally.

Acnes on back are very difficult to remove, it’s different with eliminating acne face.
One way that could be used to eliminate acne on back is with white part of eggs and cucumbers. The benefits of white egg to remove dead skin cells while cucumber is powerful to remove the black stain skin.

Here are tips to get rid of acne on back.

  1. Separate the egg whites with the yolk, then beat the whites until stiff
  2. Cut the cucumber into small pieces, approximately 3 cm
  3. Enter the egg whites and cucumber into blander until they are mixed
  4. Apply two materials that have been in the blender into a pimply backs up to 15 minutes. Then rinse with warm water

For maximum results do regularly 2 times a week, until the acne completely disappear.

Also, to note is the bath, rub your lower back by using the handle sponge, do not rub with too hard. Make a mask on the back, with a mask according to your skin type or with a mud mask. Also, wear clothing that can absorb sweat from cotton which is usually more convenient.


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