Cigarettes and Money

Monday, September 26, 2011

Cigarette is a paper cylinder of a length of between 70 to 120 mm (varies by country) with a diameter of 10 mm containing tobacco leaves that have been enumerated. Cigarettes were burned at one end and allowed to simmer for the smoke to be inhaled through the mouth at the other end.

Cigarette are usually sold in a pack or box-shaped paper packaging that can be inserted easily into the bag. Since the last few years, these packets are also generally accompanied by health messages that warn smokers about the dangers to health caused by smoking, such as lung cancer or heart attack (even though in fact it is only a decoration, it is rarely adhered to).

Men in the world who smoke for the first time was in the American Indian tribe, for ritual purposes such as worship gods or spirits. In the 16th century, when Europeans discovered the American continent, a part of European explorers had come try smoking cigarettes and then brought tobacco to Europe. Then the habit of smoking began to appear among European nobility. But unlike the Indians who smoked for ritual purposes, in Europe people smoke just for sheer pleasure. 17th century Spanish traders go to Turkey and current smoking habits began to enter the Islamic countries.

It has been a lot of research proving that smoking is addictive, in addition to causing many types of cancer, heart disease, respiratory diseases, digestive diseases, adverse effects for the birth, and emphysema

Results of research ever undertaken dr. Joseph Brennan and his colleagues from Johns Hopkins University, Maryland, of cancer patients show that smokers tend to damage the p53 gene protect the body from cancer. They suspected cancer-causing substances from tobacco smoke attached to the cell material genetic and then disable the p53 gene.
From the observation of 129 patients with head and neck cancer, it is known that smokers tend mutated p53 gene are two times greater than non-smokers. Mutations are three times more prevalent in people daily smoking and drinking alcohol. P53 gene mutations occur in 17% of cancer sufferers who do not smoke nor drink alcohol, 33% in those who smoke, and 58% in those consuming a combination of cigarettes and alcoholic beverages. The experts believe there is a third of all cancers relationship with cigarette smoke.

Lowered sperm quality
A study in Canada about the risks of smoking, it is evident that smoking can damage the sperm and inherit genetic damage from a father to his son.
A study in mice shows that cigarette smoke caused changes in the DNA (gene blueprint of the body) on the cell sperm, record journal of cancer research this week, as quoted by Reuters. Such mutations, known to be permanent. "If inherited, these mutations show changes that can not be returned just as the beginning of the composition genetics, "said Carole Yauk from Toxins and Health Management Division Environment Canada, who led the study.
"We have known that mothers who smoke can harm the fetus, and here we show evidence that fathers can potentially damage the prospective successor, even before she met her partner". Yauk and colleagues studied stem cells that produce sperm in mice exposed to cigarette smoke during six or 12 weeks.

All male mammals continuously to produce sperm. They found that a mutation of
1.7 times the DNA of cells exposed to cigarette smoke rats than in mice not exposed to smoke after 12 week, and 1.4 times as many mutations after six weeks.
"This conclusion shows that the damage depends on the length of the duration of exposure to cigarette smoke, so the longer the you smoke, the accumulation of mutations will be getting bigger and bigger the potential impact on sperm cells" said Yauk.

Smoke Danger to Humans
Much research has revealed the dangers of cigarette smoke on biological and chemical aspects of the human body. The first study conducted of the leading journal Science reported in the October 1996 edition. P53 gene in DNA the human body to function as a tumor suppressor (tumor suppressor); if the function is turned off, the possibility of
tumors will increase.


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