Can Pregnant Women Have Sex?

Saturday, September 3, 2011

There was a young pregnant who asked, whether during pregnancy she may have sex with her husband quite often, because according to her friend when infrequently have intercourse would disrupt or less good for fetal growth, is it true?

Usually this question is often asked by young mothers who are pregnant for the first time, it's really okay an intimate relationship in pregnant women, but be aware, it may not let it interfere with fetal. So that must be considered is whether there is a history of miscarriage in these women, even if they have, still may do it, do with no rough (more carefully), find a safe position that does not upset your stomach.
Gestational age is most fitting for the relationship is the first months of pregnancy and when you reach the age of 7 months you should not anymore. For normal / no history of miscarriage in pregnancy are somewhat more well that's okay but still must pay attention to these things so it dows not disturb the fetus, and stay alert when there are changes after intercourse as a speck of blood, uterine contractions that occur , or exit the amniotic fluid.

Intimate relationship that is rarely done in pregnancy will make unfavorable fetal growth?

It’s really not true, because there is no relationship between the development of the fetus with intimate relationships, which can be disturbing is if the relationship is roughly that would interfere with attachment of the fetus in the womb.


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