Foods for Strengthening Hair

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Foods for Strengthening Hair

Not only problematic skin but hair too, in trouble with our age. Hair problems often happen is hair loss, dry, coarse and gray hair. Therefore we need to keep hair healthy.
Treatment is not from outside but from within the treatment is also very necessary. Treatment from within by eating foods that can help keep hair healthy, among others:

These foods will strengthen the hair roots that are fragile, this vegetable is very useful to prevent hair loss.

We can consume eggs or can be directly applied to the hair. Eggs contain vitamin B-12 and Biotin. Eggs can make hair more shiny and strengthen the hair roots.

Nuts are needed to nourish our hair because nuts contain omega 3 and zinc which can make hair more shiny and dense.

Shellfish and other seafood species are needed to keep hair healthy because in shellfish contain iron and antioxidants.


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