Face Skin Diseases

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Face Skin Diseases

To prevent skin problems, namely with skin care for a woman, should be started as a teenager, about 15 years of age. Since then, the next step is to correctly recognize and do not change their type of skin cleanser other than in accordance with the skin. For face problematic, treatment should be in line with care, should not the road itself.

Therefore, regenerating the skin once or 2-3 weeks after 2-4 days. It is better to face should also be in facials or more precisely at the time of regeneration. For oily skin could be two weeks. Besides functioning lift off dead skin that can be granted, also perfectly clean dirt.

Facial consists of cleansing, massage, pilling, and the mask is really very useful. But it is not recommended to use for inflamed acne.


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