Easy Beauty Care

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Easy Beauty Care

An attractive face, clean, white, free of acne and blemishes, a yearning of all people. Formerly, things like that many women only dream about. However, times have changed. Not because the issue of gender equality or emancipation in all its aspects, giving rise to the same desire in men, but rather the incessant beauty cream producers to market its flagship product.

In addition, the effects of climate change also affects the skin so that many feel should revitalize the skin is most often seen as a radiant soul. Not all beauty cream is good and also bad. Good at choosing which suitable to the facial skin, surely you will get maximum results. To start selecting, first identify your skin type.

Although many creams that offer the formula ensures compatibility with all their skin who live in the same climate, not necessarily suitable for everyone. This is related with the existence of genetic factors that cause the cream it will be different with other people. Women are always concerned with beauty itself sometimes choose the cream of the terms of his behavior in the marketplace and advertising as well as a frequent event held a certain beauty products.

Beauty creams generally contain vitamins, fruit extracts, and moisturizer from certain plants, such as Africa peas. Beautiful women are the face and body. Various kinds of ways do to keep both of them stay healthy and look attractive. Facial and body are not the same. Facial skin care requires more than skin.

The face is the part that is more frequently seen. In stark contrast to the body which is always covered with clothes. The face also emit what happens in our body's metabolism. For example, if we are deprived of sleep, the eyes will look puffy with dark circles. Then, arising acne and high oil production.

Natural Care 
To perform facial and body naturally, you can use fruits that are around to be made masks or scrubs.

Banana Mask
Bananas contain vitamins A, B complex, C, serotonin, pectin, and tannin, which can moisturize the face. Mash a ripe banana, add olive oil. Then, apply on face and body regularly. For the body, the portion of olive oil a bit much.

Lemon Mask
Lemon good for oily skin because it contains vitamins A, C, B1, B2, and B3. For normal skin, lemon can maintain skin firmness. 1 teaspoon lemon juice mixed with beaten albumine, apply on face and let stand 10 minutes. Then, rinse with warm water.

Avocado Mask
Avocado is good to prevent premature aging. For dry skin, mashed ripe avocado flesh with a fork, apply on face and let stand 30 minutes. Then, rinse with warm water. For normal skin, add egg whites that have been shaken.


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