Yogurt Benefit

Monday, June 6, 2011

Yogurt Benefit

Yogurt is a good source of protein, calcium, and vitamin B12. Yogurt is very easy to digest, even for those who are hard to digest lactose because of the good bacteria that are used in the production process describes the lactose in milk.

Eating yogurt every day to improve the health of the body in many ways:

  1. Yogurt can help strengthen the immune system.
  2. Yogurt can fight infection.
  3. Yogurt is heart-friendly because it contains relatively low cholesterol.
  4. Yogurt encourages good bacteria to multiply in the gut. Good bacteria in the gut is useful to help the body digest food and prevent stomach infections.

In addition, yogurt is also serves as:
  1. Kill bad bacteria. Therefore, swimmers generally consume yogurt, to kill the bad bacteria that is not intentionally swallowed.
  2. Yogurt dense in protein.
  3. Low-fat yogurt and low in sugar, so safe for consumption by those who are specially undergoing diet (i.e. the diabetics, who have high cholesterol or lactose intolerant).


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