Eating Mistakes

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Avoid the Most Common Mistakes in Eating
Everyone wants to live a healthy life. But unconsciously, we often make some mistakes in eating or preparing food.

Here are some errors in the foods you need to know. Quoted from the Times of India, experts say, this error includes the most commonly performed, can even occur in people who care about healthy diet though.

Storing fruit in the fridge too long
Buying habits of vegetables and fruit in large quantities for several weeks, it could affect the nutritional content. Storing vegetables and fruit in the refrigerator too long can reduce nutrients that are important to the body. You should not store fruit and vegetables more than one or two weeks. Get used to buy fresh fruit and vegetables every two or three days.

Fast Foods
Fast foods tend to contain more sodium and saturated fat. These foods also contain a little fiber and essential nutrients. We recommend that you choose fresh, healthy foods that you own if maintained for nutritional content. If forced to eat this kind of food, choose those which contain whole grains, no trans fats and low in saturated fat content.

Eating Out
If your hobby eat at a cafe, restaurant or food court, you should keep the frequency is not too often. We do not know how many substances and harmful content in these foods, which can adversely affect your health. Meals are cooked at home is not only safer and cleaner, but also more nutritious. If indeed you are fond of eating out, limit the frequency, a maximum of once a week.

Wrong in Peeling Fruits Skin 
Some fruit would have important nutritional content on their skin. Certain fruit skin peeling will remove some nutrients. Apples, tomatoes and pears are several types of fruit should be eaten with the skin. But remember to wash thoroughly before eating.


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