Early Gray Hair

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Early Gray Hair

There is a saying that a woman's hair is a crown. However, sometimes we become distracted when it starts to appear gray in the head. What we need to know about gray hair? Why can appear gray at a young age? The appearance of gray hair can be caused by many things. The main thing is due to genetic or hereditary factors. Gray hair can be caused by the pigment in hair is not there anymore, because the pigment is what determines hair color.

There are two kinds of hair pigment, namely eomelanin and feomelanin. Eomelanin pigment are usually present on colored people, such as Asians, Arabs, and Indians. The dark pigment and black, so the hair and skin would be dark. While there feomelanin pigment on white people. The yellow pigment. But that does not mean they do not have pigment eomelanin. White people still have eomelanin pigment, but the percentage is less. Asians also have pigment feomelanin, though not too much.

In our heads, a lot of hair root, and there are some who are not able to produce pigment. For example in the case of albino and vitiligo. Albino is a person who has no pigment so that the entire skin and white hair, while vitiligo only partially white. Ins are also caused by genetic factors and has yet to be cured. If the pigment content decreases, the more blond hair and then into white or gray. Usually gray hair will appear in the elderly because melanin production is already starting to wane. Metabolism to produce the pigment has begun to slow or even cease to exist. But there are people who are old but not yet appear gray or just gray hair just a little, but some are still young but his hair was gray all. This is due to genetic factors. If not a lot of gray hair is old though, it means that your metabolism is the formation of pigment can last a long time.

In addition to genetic factors, gray hair may also appear as pernicious anemia disease, namely blood deficiency disease which often causes hair to become gray. Gray hair may also emerge due to metabolic disorders, such as thyroid disorders or malnutrition. Poor nutrition can make the number of pigment-forming enzyme is reduced, so that the patient will rapidly graying. Therefore, adequate nutritional food with good protein is necessary for the formation of pigment-forming enzyme, so the hair will be healthy and not rapidly graying.

Gray hair also can arise because the use of certain chemicals, such as hair dye. Use the type of shampoo that contains sulfur also can create gray hair. In general, gray hair can not be returned to black, except on those suffering from metabolic disorders, especially parents. Medically, gray hair can not be treated. If the cause is genetic factors, which could be possible only by painting the hair to cover it.


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