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Monday, April 4, 2011

Impact of Alcohol
Consuming alcoholic beverages is now such a part of life style of some communities. Starting from a mere trial, many of which later end up addicted to this one type of beverage.

So far, the negative impact of excessive alcohol consumption the most widely known is drunk only, and that may disappear by itself. But it turned out negative effects not just stop there. Not just cause drunk, but alcohol also has other negative effects to the body. Impact of high alcohol-containing beverages in humans are destroying the human body's metabolic system which then lead to addictive and damaging some elements of the brain.

Alcoholic drinks have different levels. For example, beer and soda alcohol (1-7% alcohol), wines (10-15% alcohol), and liquor (35-55% alcohol). Alcohol concentration in blood achieved within 30-90 minutes after drinking.

In research conducted by Dr. Barbara Flannery from RTI International, found that female alcoholics experience any brain damage, particularly on cognitive neurological function. But that does not mean alcoholic men free from problems.

Besides damage to brain nerves, alcohol also damages the liver. Again, the impact of the damage occurs faster in women than men. So that was written by a team of researchers in the journal Alcoholism: Clinical and Experimental Research. For the purposes of research, the research team had a 78 male and 24 female alcoholics aged 18-40 years. The research team then conducted a series of tests of brain function, non-alcoholic 68 people into the control group in this research.

The results mentioned, women alcoholics have a poor test results in terms of visual memory, cognitive flexibility skills, problem solving and planning.

The researchers concluded alcohol's effects on the metabolism of women different from men. In addition, the male body has more water content so it can reduce the impact of alcohol. Another reason put forward is the enzyme that converts alcohol into an inactive material less in women.

In addition, alcohol abuse also can lead to malnutrition and lowered resistance to disease, while providing a bad impact on your appearance. No one can say with certainty, but drinking alcohol abstinence may be one way a woman can stay healthy and look younger.


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