Aging Characteristics

Saturday, April 30, 2011

Aging Characteristics
Top of the aging process began to occur at ages above 30 years, with a number of characteristics such as:
  1. Dry Skin and Rough (Xerosis Cutis). This condition is characterized by redness, scales and cracks, caused by lack of skin fat and water content and the decrease of oil and sweat gland activity.
  2. Loose skin and wrinkles (Wrinkle and Laxity). Skin looks stiff, not flexible and not elastic. This occurs due to changes and decrease in collagen fibers and elastic fibers that keep skin elasticity.
  3. There is a form of dull skin and aging (Pigmentation). Form of decay can be a spread black stain as well as local spots (freckles and Lentigo). This condition occurs such as due to reduced ability of skin to remove old skin cells and replacing them with new skin cells.
  4. Tumors of the skin. These tumors are classified as benign tumors, with the form of small spots on the skin (seborrheic keratosis and actinic keratosis) and yellowish fatty deposits around the eyes (Xantelasma). All three can occur as you age, due to sun exposure or due to genetic factors. Oftentimes, there are also lesions pre-cancerous. Although the first 3 classified as benign, the lesion pre-cancerous skin lesions (usually a mole that enlarges, easily bleed with black color is not evenly distributed and certain parts are more intense) need to be immediately brought to the doctor.


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